Upgrade your license ✌️

Easily upgrade your license to a new tier.

Upgrade your License

If you’re currently on an MP3, Basic or Premium license, you can use the form below to upgrade you license to a higher one. You will only pay the difference between your current license and the license you want to upgrade to.

After you’ve completed the process below, the updated License Agreement will be send to your email address immediately. If your upgrade comes with additional audio files such as WAV’s or Tracked Out stems, they’ll be send separate within 24hrs. 

REQUIRED STEP: Check if the beat is still available. 
If a beat is sold exclusively, it’s not possible to upgrade your license. Click the button below to check if your beat is still available for upgrading. 

  • You can only upgrade one beat at a time
  •  It is not possible to downgrade your license.
  •  Upgrade prices are not negotiable
  •  License upgrades are not included in any special deals or bulk deals

Fill in the form below to continue

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you’re eligible for upgrading your license. Check if the beat is still available and not tagged as SOLD. Also, make sure you select the correct Upgrade Type that applies to the license you currently own. 

Taking advantage of the Upgrade Service will result in being discontinued from any and all services provided by ABLE2MUSIC.